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5 Copenhagen Must-Eats

5 Copenhagen Must-Eats

1.In need of light-bite?-Big Apple APS 


Want to experience the feeling of 'Hygge' the Danish always talk about? Your best bet is to visit Big Apple Cafe which is located opposite the entrance to the gorgeous gardens of Rosenborg Castle. They do great coffee and a good selection of teas, and try one of their warming Wheat-Free Rye Bread toasted sandwiches (veggie and vegan options available).  

2.Feeling indecisive?-Papirøen 


In a big group or like to have a lot of choice- take a walk round the Copenhagen Harbour to Papirøen. It is an indoor market with mouth-watering street food and drink options. Korean BBQ? Tacos? White Wine Sangria? Moroccan Flat Breads? Scandinavian Cheesecake? Fried Chicken? Sushi? Passionfruit Mojitos? This place has it all, and I'd recommend you spend all your last remaining loose change here at the end of your stay.   

3.Want a Danish dinner?-Grisen 


Want to go where the locals go? Grisen is the spot for you. Everything is homemade, cooked and prepared by a skilled chef, and dishes such as the ‘Bøfsandwich’ (ground beef sandwich) and pork sandwich are quintessentially Danish, and you can eat them surrounded by Danish memorabilia in a cosy Danish setting.

4.In the Meat-Packing District?-WarPigs


Established by Danish brewery Mikkeller and American brewery 3 Floyds, WarPigs situated in the popular Meat-Packing district has 22 taps of choice all made fresh at their in-house brewery. If you're feeling peckish WarPigs serves authentic Texas barbecue. I'd definitely recommend getting the Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, creamy potato salad with a cheeky side of pickles!  

5.Looking for Nordic fine-dining?-Bodil


Nestled in the quieter residential area of Vestebro, Bodil offers an incredible Nordic tasting menu, with the option of 4 or 5 courses and a great wine selection. (Side note the optional cheese course can only be described as 'different') The service at Bodil is discreet yet attentive, the atmosphere is cozy and I've thought about their Beef Tartare every day since being home. For what you get, it is very reasonably priced, and I'm going to give them extra points for the soulful hip hop that accompanied the meal.   



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